Wills and Probate

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Wills, Probate and Administration of Estates.

We advise clients in relation to the preparation and drafting of their will, tax planning and the law of succession and property rights. We ensure that a client’s wishes are properly recorded and enforceable. We review all aspects of our client’s status and affairs and give appropriate advice based on those instructions.

We advise executors on their role and their duties and obligations to beneficiaries. We ensure that the process is dealt with speedily and efficiently. In circumstances where no will has been made we advise family members and next of kin in relation to getting a Grant of Administration and on the legal entitlements and obligations which follow from that.

We advise executors, beneficiaries and family members in the event of a dispute arising from the contents of a will.

We place particular emphasis on a constructive approach to family requirements and to anticipating and avoiding potential areas of dispute.

We will advise on all aspects of making your Will, and in doing so will advise you on associated matters such as:

– Tax implications and Tax planning
– Appointment of Trustees
– Appointment of Executors
– Appointment of guardians
– Enduring Powers of Attorney
– Trusts
– Succession Law

We understand that for many people making a Will is a significant event and we will guide you through the process and explain all matters in a clear and concise manner.

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