“Taxation with representation ain’t so hot either.”

~Gerald Barzan

Tax Advice

We offer a comprehensive tax advisory service to our business clients and personal clients. Our Tax Partner is Geraldine Cleary who holds a Diploma In Property Taxation from the Law Society of Ireland. Geraldine is also an Associate of the Institute of Taxation, an award which is recognised as the pre-eminent qualification for Tax professionals in Ireland.

Apart from Income tax, there are a number of significant capital taxes in Ireland, and the application of the rules and thresholds for these taxes change regularly.

Capital Acquisitions Tax

If you receive a gift, you may have to pay Gift Tax on it. If you receive an inheritance following a death, it may be liable to Inheritance Tax. Both these taxes are types of Capital Acquisitions Tax.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is charged on the capital gain or profit made on the disposal of an asset. Some assets are exempt from Capital Gains Tax. We can advise if you are liable for Capital Gains Tax.

Tax Liability & Exemptions on Marriage Break-up

We can advise on the impact of separation/divorce on capital taxes – capital gains tax, capital acquisitions tax and stamp duty.

We can also advise on the following matters:

• Estate and tax planning
• Stamp duty compliance and planning
• VAT on property
• Tax efficient dispute resolution

In the event that your transaction requires particular specialist advices we have access to extensive expert taxation resources.

Have a look at our Legal Articles page to see some of our articles on these topics.

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