Buying and selling Property

“Buyer beware” is still the watchword in property transactions.

While Consumer law covers most of the products we buy today, buying a house – a purchase which, for most people, will be the most significant one they will ever make, comes without the kind of consumer protection routinely provided in the purchase of other goods.

As your solicitors, we will advise and guide you through the process of your transaction.

We have a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial property transactions and with our experience and knowledge, we can provide an efficient and cost-effective property law service to all of our clients.

We have extensive experience in all of the following areas:

– Sale or purchase of residential property
– Sale and purchase of commercial property
– Property financing
– Taxation implications of property transactions.
РAdvice on Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax
– Advice on residential and commercial leases
– Advice on Trusts
– Advice on family arrangements of property
– Purchase and sale of licensed premises
– Building agreements
– Advice on all aspects of agricultural land transactions.
– Advice on planning and environmental matters

Please see our articles on some of these topics on our Legal Articles page.

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