It is our view, borne out by many years of experience, that court litigation should only be resorted to as a last resort.

Our goal is to echieve an early and satisfactory settlement to your dispute, a goal we have achieved in countless cases through our negotiation skills.

This is a strategy which minimises the risk and cost to you and which is successful in almost every case.

Where it proves impossible to negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf we will institute court proceedings to protect your rights and to ensure that you achieve your full and proper entitlement.

Our experience covers almost every type of litigation case, the more usual being;

– Traffic accidents
– Workplace accidents
– Breach of contract
– Product liability claims
– Professional and medical negligence
– Unfair Dismissal & Equality disputes
– Landlord and tenant disputes
– Defamation and slander.
– Property disputes.
– Inheritence entilements

We have every reason to be proud of our very successful record in dealing with litigation cases for our clients over many years. We have achieved many notable successes, a number of which, because of the notable legal issues involved, have now become part of our common law system and are referred to as legal precedent.

We would be happy to advise you on any litigation matter, without obligation.

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