Family Law

It is a fact of life that some relationships break down.

We can help you deal with the legal consequences which arise for you.

From our extensive experience we are convinced that in very many cases it is in the best interests of both parties to negotiate a separation agreement on terms that are mutually satisfactory. This is particularly important where there are children involved since the parents will need to maintain ongoing contact and an ability to reach joint decisions about their welfare as they progress from childhood to maturity.

From a client’s perspective, a negotiated settlement is not only more cost effective but it also avoids much of the trauma associated with protracted court proceedings.FAMILY LAWWe have the expertise and understanding to advise and guide you through this process.

If it is not possible to agree a separation agreement through negotiation or mediation we will represent you in Separation or Divorce proceedings to ensure that your rights are fully vindicated.

The following are some of the areas on which we can provide you with advice and assistance:


Persons who have been married may separate voluntarily and enter into a Separation Agreement. This is a legal agreement and it will generally deal with custody and access to children, maintenance for the children and/or dependent spouse, division of property and succession rights.
It will also deal with future relationships between yourself and your Spouse and your children.
It is not necessary to go to court for a separation agreement.

Judicial Separation

Where the parties cannot reach agreement they can apply to Court for Judicial Separation. The Court can deal with custody, access, maintenance, property and succession rights.

The Court can make pension adjustment orders which may give one spouse a share in the other parties’ pension on retirement. The Court can also make an order that one spouse no longer has any rights to the other’s pension.


In order to be divorced an application must be made to Court.
As in Judicial separation Orders can be made dealing with custody, access, maintenance, division of property, succession rights and pension adjustment Orders.

Civil Partnership advice

In Ireland, Civil partnership is a legally binding contract that will affect both parties for all of their lives. There are strict rules and regulations governing civil partnership.

We can advise you on all of these issues.

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