Arbitration is an alternative method of dispute resolution.

It is a process where the parties agree to refer disputes between them to the decision of an arbitrator rather than to resolve their differences in the courts.

There are many advantages to Arbitration such as:

• It is private and confidential
• It allows an informal and flexible procedure
• It is generally more speedy and less costly than going to court.

The Arbitration hearing can be held at a venue and time to suit the parties. The Arbitrator will hear the evidence and submissions presented by each side and will then issue their decision.The decision of the Arbitrator is called an award and it is final and binding. There is no appeal to the courts, except for very restricted rights to set aside the award in very limited circumstances.

The Law in Ireland on Arbitration is governed by the Arbitration Act 2010, and this legislation has significantly altered the earlier Legislation.

The following is a list of matters which can be referred to Arbitration:

• Contracts for the sale of motor vehicles
• Contracts for the sale of goods and the supply of services
• Holiday contracts
• Partnership agreements
• Disputes on Insurance contracts and policies
• Building contracts
• Contracts for the sale and purchase of property
• Maritime contracts

Richard Kennedy is an experienced Arbitrator and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

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